The longest lasting form of eyebrow artistry, microblading completely transforms your browline. Using a manual tool, naturally pigmented hair strokes are implanted into the eyebrow to form a semi-permanent look, lasting from 12 to 18 months!

The Beverly Hills Salon

"A year later and my brows are still on point. Jon did an amazing job with the initial microblading and did exactly what I wanted."
Dustin R., Facebook

Perfect Frame By Jonathan Paul

Before there was Perfect Frame, Jonathan Paul Aumentado looked to art as a creative outlet. Specializing in portraiture, the eyebrows have always played an important role in perfecting his finished product.

Jonathan believes microblading goes beyond embedding pigment and stays true to his technique used in portraiture. Each client is an opportunity to elevate the overall structure of the face.

* Includes Touch Up
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"Phenomenal job! My eyebrows have changed not only the way I look, but also my day to day life. I am so happy with my results and can’t thank Perfect Frame enough."
Belinda F., Facebook