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2016 marked the collaboration of Damone Roberts & the World’s #1 cosmetics company M·A·C. After recognizing his unique point of view on beauty & the creativity of brows, Damone Roberts worked closely with the M·A·C development team to create their "Brows Are It" collection, and is the expert & face behind the line.

As the "Eyebrow King", his passion for creating "The Perfect Arch" has been featured on countless TV shows, and graced the covers of some of the world’s top magazines. Damone's Salon and D•R On The Go Beauty Services provide that distinctive flair that has been perfected by his Artists, each meticulously trained to provide you with the "Perfect Arch".

Damone Roberts, entrepreneur, celebrity makeup artist, beauty therapist, as well as the star of TLC’s Ten Years Younger, has the renowned talent for sculpting the perfect arch and painting faces of some of the world’s most beautiful and famous people including Oprah, Madonna, Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, Channing Tatum, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj and Robert Downey Jr., to name a few.

Damone’s philosophy is that each person exudes their individual beauty and “every face deserves the perfect frame®”. In 2002, Damone created his flagship salon, Damone Roberts Beverly Hills®. He is also a regular contributing beauty editor for Oprah.com with his own column titled “Dear Damone”. In 2009 the debut of an OPI nail polish in the salon’s signature wall color called “Damone Roberts 1968” sold out worldwide in just four weeks.

Damone Roberts teamed up with one of the world’s biggest brands, Disney, at the World Premiere of Disney’s animated feature film “The Princess and The Frog”. Damone’s distinctive flair has immortalized him in pop culture as an answer in the 2004 edition of the Trivial Pursuit board game and most recently a question on the world’s #1 game show “Jeopardy”. Damone’s talent expanded from beauty to acting in Ava Duvernay’s first acclaimed feature film, “I Will Follow”.

Damone considers himself a beauty therapist. He uses his hands to create art but his experiences and an open ear are the foundation for what has made for a successful career. Damone believes his greatest success is not only showing people how to see themselves in a special way, but also in making them love it, live it and most importantly, believe it!

Advance you skill and enhance your artistry by learning the Damone Roberts' technique from the exemplary team that has been personally trained by Damone Roberts. Book one of his talented Artists to make your custom one of a kind event something to talk about?

The "Art Of The Arch" workshop provides Brow Experts the opportunity to learn the Damone Roberts' Technique directly from a team of Damone Roberts' educators.
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"The greatest success is not just showing people how to see themselves in a special way, but in helping them lOve it, lIve it, and most importantly, believe it!"

Damone Roberts, known worldwide as “The Eyebrow King", entrepreneur, celebrity makeup artist and motivational speaker, continues to be one of the most sought after persons with a career encompassing fashion, runway, editorial work, and more. Damone’s expertise enables him to inspire, transform, and aide as a navigational blue print in busing careers, and his "Master Classes" have helped beauty experts hone their skills and embrace their passions.  Helping others, not only to excel in the Beauty industry, but also to capture the essence of their true calling, is one of his many gifts. Damone’s journey to success is attributed to hard work, dedication and a true passion for his artistry.  Growing up in Oakland, California, he has broken down barriers within today's society and continues to let his work speak for itself.  His success and business savvy demeanor, is admirable and highly respected across any platform.  Allow Damone to be a stair step to your innovation and explore the depths of your own creativity.

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