Lash Lifts

Give your eyelashes the perfect pop!

The Lash Lift is a brand-new way to keep your lashes curled, giving your eyes a finished look at every hour of the day. Designed to lift and separate each individual lash, the lift lasts 6 to 8 weeks, leaving your daily routine effortless and curler-free.

Classic Lift | 100

✨New Year, New Lashes! ✨

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With One of the Damone Roberts Archisans

Valued at $150 | Lash Lift $100 | Promo expires on January 31, 2019

Simply book a lash lift appointment online, and we'll automatically add in your brow sculpting.

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Damone Roberts has created a unique atmosphere dedicated to producing magic with each stroke. Clients receive not only amazing brows and beauty services, but also a sense of wellness and inspiration. Damone Roberts' artists are selected from a pool of talented Estheticians, trained in the "Damone Roberts Technique" and masterfully carrying out the tradition of sculpting "The Perfect Arch Every Time!"