The Beverly Hills Salon

Tracy Hudson

Expert Esthetician Tracy Hudson sets herself apart with “her results-oriented skin care treatments and products.” Effective on all skin types, her clients love and benefit from their glowing results.

Tracy’s clients know her to be passionate, caring and very knowledgeable on the science behind skin care. After 10 years in the business working alongside Dr. Calhoun as well as Dr. Navasardian, her knowledge and understanding of skin is unparalleled. Tracy’s longstanding esthetic medical experience has guided her to recognize what really benefits a client’s skin. “She knows what works!”

Tracy’s Custom Facial  $125   60min
Acne Treatment  
$125  60min
LED Facial  
$175   60min
C ME Glow  
$125   60min
Custom Peel  
$150   45min
Derma Smooth Facial
$75   45min
VI Peel  
$350   60min
Teen Facials  
$75   60min
$75   30min  
     ($25 towards future bookings within 30 days of Consultation)

"Tracy is THE best esthetician a woman could ever ask for. Not only is she very knowledgeable about skin care and very passionate about her craft, she is an all around beautiful and loving soul."
Alikah F., Yelp

The Beverly Hills Salon

The Damone Roberts Signature Facial

The Damone Roberts Signature Facial delivers antioxidants and vitamins into the skin to leave a radiant and healthy glow. Utilizing organic and handmade products, this facial is designed to complement your natural skin fluctuations throughout the year. The high density of antioxidants will address a variety of concerns such as premature aging, sun damage, rosacea, blemishes and skin problematic conditions.

Signature  $145
Express  $75

"My skin looked amazing!  It was glowing for the first time in a long time!"
Candice S., Yelp